Wetlands are, together with rivers, the richest and at the same time most threatened habitat in Catalonia, with an overall decrease of 50% of species in the last 20 years. Climate change is also aggravating this situation. Their restoration is one of the most powerful answers and solutions for reversing it.

The Foundation has promoted many restoration projects: Ivars and Vilasana lake, the Can Morgat lagoons in Banyoles, the La Tancada Salt Fields and the L'Alfacada lagoon in the Ebro Delta, to name a few. Currently, it is focusing its efforts on the restoration of Sils Lake, in collaboration with the Emys Foundation, the Sils City Council and the Catalan Water Agency. And through the Climate Resilience Centre, it is participating in the BIORESILMED project (2023-2025) to restore the upwelling of the Ullals de Panxa in the Ebro Delta and, at the same time, contributing to a circular economy model based on natural spaces in the Delta.