We are a Catalan educational community rooted in the environment; we are open, inclusive and nondenominational with an enthusiastic, committed human team

The educational plan

In the transformation and innovation process initiated, we have defined four unique strands as the underpinnings of the new educational plan: health and food, boosting English, flexible methodologies and emotional education.

Health and eating

Oms i de Prat and the Alícia Foundation, two institutions that are part of the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, work to foster a culture of balanced eating and good healthy habits in the educational community

The project was launched in academic year 2016-2017 with initial joint actions with students and families and a diagnostic study of both the school’s healthy habits and advice from the cafeteria and catering.

This joint work also helped tie eating and cooking to the curriculum at the different age levels and consolidate healthy habits and respect for the environment.

There is no doubt that educating in food and good habits is an investment in life.

Boosting English

The school has set itself the challenge ofraising the English level attained in the forthcoming years. The amount of time spent working on English has increased starting in Preschool, with the goal of ensuring that by the time students at the Oms i de Prat School finish compulsory secondary school their English communication skills are higher than level B1.

Flexible methodologies

Methodological strategies in favour of competence-based education are gradually being incorporated and created.

The goal is to make this innovation sustainable with learning milestones validated by experience. Oms i de Prat puts students at the centre of the entire teaching and learning process.

Proposals for active, cooperative learning that is connected to the environs and the global world are incorporated, with the teaching team‘s strong commitment to designing classroom activities and projects.

At the same time, fostering a culture of critical and creative thinking enable teachers to become a professional community where research and action foster continuous training.

Emotional education

Learning geared at personal balance, grounded on the neurosciences, is a strand which seeks to foster the cognitive, emotional and educational capacities of the entire educational community.

The main goal is to learn tools, strategies and procedures that boost quality of life.