Upcoming exhibitions

Rafael Canogar, Toledo 1960

The Paths of Abstraction, 1957-1978

Dialogues with the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español in Cuenca

From 29 September 2022 to 15 January 2023

This exhibition draws on the collection of the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español in Cuenca – a pioneering institution founded in 1966 by Fernando Zóbel – to present the variety and complexity of the various forms adopted by abstraction during the second half of the twentieth century, revealing the main trends in this genre in Spain and abroad, among them lyrical and gestural abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, geometric abstraction and colour field painting.

An exhibition organised by the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera and the Fundación Juan March.

Curated by: Manuel Fontán del Junco, Sergi Plans and Marga Viza


Jaume Plensa portrait at studio

Jaume Plensa. Poetry of Silence

From 7 April to 23 July 2023

This exhibition considers Jaume Plensa’s connection with literature and especially poetry. Plensa (Barcelona, 1955) sees a unique beauty in each letter, but together they are a sample and a sign of the diversity of the world and of peaceful coexistence between different cultures. As the artist explains, ‘a letter doesn’t look like much, it’s a humble thing, but joined together they form words, and words form writings and writings thinking. It's a bit like the idea of a foundation stone around which a church is built, then the city, the country, the continent and the universe’.

Curator: Javier Molins

Image credits: Jaume Plensa at his studio. Image: Inés Baucells. ©Plensa Studio Barcelona

Antonio López, La Cena 1971-1980

Antonio López

From 22 September 2023 to 14 January 2024

This exhibition charts the artistic career of Antonio López (Tomelloso, 1936) over seven decades, from his earliest works in his youth to his most recent pieces. López’s first solo show in Barcelona, it presents an overview of his creative universe and features a selection of works that include paintings, sculptures, drawings and reliefs.

Exhibition organised in partnership with the Drents Museum, Assen (Holland)

Curator: Violant Porcel

Image credits: Antonio López. La cena, 1971-1980

Miquel Barceló, Planta groga, 2019

Barceló in La Pedrera. Ceramics

From 16 February to 9 June 2024

This major exhibition will focus its attention on the ceramic work of Miquel Barceló (Felanitx, 1957), the first of its kind since the last survey held in Barcelona now twenty-five years ago. The selection will include pieces made from 1995 to the present day and will be complemented by a number of paintings and works on paper related to the themes that he returns to frequently, among them still lifes and landscapes, as well as bronzes, some of which were cast based on his ceramic pieces.

Curator: Enrique Juncosa

Image credits: Miquel Barceló. Planta groga, 2019. © Image: François Halard

Barbara Hepworth, Single Form (Memorial), 1963

Barbara Hepworth and Her Contemporaries. Modern Sculpture

From 26 September 2024 to 12 January 2025

This exhibition will showcase the abstract work of Barbara Hepworth (Wakefield, 1903 – Saint Ives, 1975), made for the most part in stone, which will engage in a profound dialogue with La Pedrera and place her work in the context of that of other leading sculptors of the day, among them Henry Moore, Constantin Brancusi, Isamu Noguchi, Jorge Oteiza, Jean Arp and Louise Bourgeois.

Curator: Penelope Curtis

Image credits: Barbara Hepworth: Single Form (Memorial), 1963. Battersea Park, Wandsworth (London)